Team Verb

Unusual people who work uncommonly hard

This is a firm of unlikely statistics: First: There is no entry-level here. Everyone at Verb has worked in the field for at least 10 years. Most of us have been at it for more than 20. Second: We are 100 percent curious. Every client brings us a challenge and offers access to a world we didn’t know was there – until we become part of it. Third: We’re proof that OCD people can be fun and get things done. Each one of us is a stickler for quality. More than that, we’re fixated on results, so we deliver very good work – work with results. Fourth: We’ve neglected official team-building exercises, but we are unmistakably united by our clients’ needs. Fifth: We love our jobs. Deeply.

President & Strategist

Cathy Hamilton

Formally schooled in Journalism and Public Relations, Cathy’s real expertise comes from more than 20 years in the field and a deep grounding in sales and business. Her experience encompasses the private and public sectors.

Before starting Verb in 2003 she worked for a Portland financial publishing company, and then for Eugene Water & Electric Board, where she handled the communications for everything from windpower to telecommunications and conservation.

Cathy supports all Verb clients directly, managing the high-level concepts and strategies and ensuring that all the smaller components of clients’ branding and marketing efforts are implemented wisely and efficiently. She is known for her direct approach and sense of humor.

Over the years, Cathy has contributed time to a number of groups, including The University of Oregon Alumni Association Board of Directors, Oak Hill School Board, Oregon Quarterly Magazine Editorial Board, Mount Pisgah Arboretum Board, Relief Nursery Leadership Board and Wordcrafters. She provides pro bono consulting to a number of non-profit organizations and is on the advisory board for Ophelia’s Place. In 2009, back when she was young, the Register-Guard named her one of the community’s “20 Under 40″ rising stars.

Creative Director

Doug Ferguson

Besides his precise designs and insightful creative solutions, Doug brings to the office an upbeat attitude even while he takes his work extremely seriously. Although he has 25 years of experience in the field, Doug is by no means old school. He learned the trade when it was more about composition and pure design. Today, he’s at the leading edge of both traditional print and digital design and can parlay a brand into the digital world with ease.

Doug leads the Verb team’s creative conquests, from campaign concepts to art direction for every piece we produce.

Before joining Verb in 2008, Doug owned his own design firm. Simply closing the firm would have brought an outcry from his clients, and they were thrilled to have the chance to continue working with Doug while accessing the copy and strategic offerings at Verb.

Designer & Marketing Technologist

Katie Parentice

Katie joined us in 2014. She brings an incredibly deep range of ability to the team. She’s officially a graphic designer, but her previous jobs with another Eugene firm and her family’s business gave her an extraordinary ability to merge digital commerce, graphic design and social media. She is also our go-to for web analytics and the integration of social media campaigns. Like the rest of the Verb team, she’s also worked as a freelancer, and if you’ve ever been in that business, you know it calls for business savvy, decisiveness and efficiency plus a whole lot of talent and dedication to customer service.

Associate, Research, Events Manager

Michelle Mikkelsen

We pegged Michelle for the Verb team in 2009 when we watched her adeptly organize, calm, manage and inspire a gymnasium full of elementary school kids and families. She can herd cats. She officially joined the team in 2010 and lends 20 years of experience in customer service and apparel marketing.

Michelle plays two roles at Verb: she helps clients with their vertical marketing efforts as they relate to sponsorships and the management of events and trade shows. She also supports us by providing research and analysis for special projects and ongoing client planning and campaign deployment.

She is an active community volunteer and continues to help local schools with events and fundraising.

Media Advisor & Copywriter

Bob Keefer

If you read the Register-Guard, you know Bob’s name. He worked as a reporter for nearly 40 years, most of them for the Register-Guard. Bob joined Verb in 2013 after he retired. He provides copywriting services and advises us on all things media related. When he’s not working for us, he stays busier-than-busy with his own art and an arts blog, Eugene Art Talk. He also serves on the Lane Arts Council board.

Research, Special Projects

Scott Kinney

Scott was Verb’s first employee, and continues to work for us in a freelance capacity. He is our Wordpress specialist. He has a heavy background in public opinion research and other primary forms of research, including focus groups, and we aren’t above making demands for his agile mind to analyze data as we build our plans.


Justin White

Justin is a night owl and a compulsive coder. He works nights for us, attacking the requests we’ve left behind and delivering them to us so they’re waiting, shiny and solved, in the morning. His specialties are database-heavy projects and custom and specialty programming. We’ve been working together since 2008 and have completed dozens of jobs with his support.