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Adding value to a commodity product

Lumber rarely gets the thanks it deserves. But pause for a moment and look around: from beams above to decking below, it plays a critical role in our lives. C&D Lumber has been supplying lumber and timbers for 125 years. That’s a big deal in any industry and especially in timber, because it periodically gets a huge hit and a handful of companies fall out. But C&D Lumber keeps moving forward.

We’re proud to be the company’s agency of record. The company has worked with our staff since before Verb was formed, and we’ve continued to provide a full range of marketing services, from packaging, tradeshow booths, printed materials, ads, websites and a monthly e-newsletter. We’ve also been assigned special projects that deployed various media.

Over the years, we’ve implemented a variety of multimedia campaigns. Here we’re showing you our most recent effort, which targets the wholesale market. Our challenge was to indicate the sheer number of products and species the company offers without allowing the brand to revert; part of what has kept C&D Lumber so strong is that it has never sacrificed its focus on quality or won the game on price alone (though its prices are very good). Relationships rule.

“We consider Verb an extension of our sales and marketing team, and know we can count on them to lead or help with our initiatives—all of which come down to sales. I highly recommend Verb to anyone looking for results from their marketing, including their design and web development efforts.”

Leslie Southwick, Marketing & Sales Director, C&D Lumber

The campaign went to work first at the North American Wholesale Lumber Association’s huge annual gathering in Dallas. Even in the context of an exhibit hall stuffed with all things lumber, the booth stood out, saved by its judicious use of type and a refreshing graphic simplicity that contrasts well within an industry that tends to shout. The client reported that the booth content worked to start conversations, so that she could extend them into more specific sales discussions.

We also provide C&D Lumber with full services for a monthly e-newsletter that goes to the trade, all print materials and of course, a website.

C&D Lumber customers praise the website for its intuitive organization and the provision of resources like calculating tools, a retailer/distributer locater and downloadable print materials for use by retailers.

Along the lines of retail sales, we have created and help to maintain a full range of printed materials. We provide everything from catalogs to brochures, product sheets to shelf talkers.

It’s a tremendous honor to be trusted with a company’s marketing, and we’re proud to be part of C&D’s success. For more information about our work, just ask.