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Keep Eugene beered

“We knew them when….”

We like to say that about Claim 52 Brewing. Verb first worked with the group when they were still brewing from brewmaster Trevor Ross’ garage in south Eugene, the piece of land that shows up as “Claim 52” on old Eugene surveying maps. Trevor and business partner Mercy McDonald hired us to develop the imagery for their small-batch brewery.

The challenge with this project was not in finding inspiration – the beer was fresh and distinctive and the founders were enthusiastic about a number of directions. The trick was to home in on imagery that tied in with the name, a sort of western-tinged phrase, while it relayed the hand-crafted message and maintained that elusive, ever-so-cool refined grittiness that the intended consumers – hipsters – would want to brandish on hats, hoodies and other swag.

Trevor and Mercy had identified the future home for a taproom and production space, and it was unassuming and utilitarian. We knew that, because of the start-up nature of the business, we needed to be sensitive to the costs of implementation, and to recognize that, for a while, the logo would be standing alone in a warehouse style space. It had to proudly boast its gutsy roots while competing with many other small brewers with bigger marketing budgets.

We presented a range of options to the team, some more refined and modern, and some with more of a street art flavor to them. All of them met the basic strategic requirements and would distinguish the brewery. Iconography ran the gamut from botanical to old-time surveyor’s instruments. In the end, the seal-style, western-flavored logo won the game. We extended it into labels for growlers, tap handle art, pint glasses, posters and even bumper stickers. In the course of the extension work, we developed “Stake your claim” – a phrase that would become a tagline.

We also had some fun with the “Keep Portland Weird” phrase. (The truth is, we don’t know what city first launched that silly line. Perhaps it was Austin?) But we definitely see the fun in “Keep Eugene Beered” – and if anyone’s in the position to help, Claim 52 is it.

It’s always a pleasure to see our clients succeed to the point that they can manage their work in-house, and that’s exactly what has happened, with former detective Mercy at the helm for business development and all things graphic. Watch the Claim 52 website and Facebook page. If you haven’t yet sampled their wares, we highly recommend you do.