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Growing strong girls

Ophelia’s Place came to us nearly a decade ago. The new non-profit had no name recognition but a very clear vision: to impart upon girls ages 10-17 the gentle guidance that would help them grow into independent women.

Services and programming isn’t always so uncool and obvious: the girls giggle over games after school, and they direct emotions into musical and other artistic endeavors. Sometimes benefits are more direct, like during the “Healthy Relationships” curriculum that’s provided at local schools. But at the heart of it all is a constant reminder that each girl controls her life.

One of the best parts about being a small and nimble business like Verb is that we can decide what matters most to us, and contribute our expertise to help. As mothers, daughters, husbands and fathers, we know the power of confidence. So we give our time.

“Verb has helped define our story, has tirelessly provided the visual landscape for us, and they have us in mind at all times, it seems. They know the need for our work and they push us to be more, and to tell our story more vividly. It is a true partnership and we are grateful.”

Verna Wise, Executive Director, Ophelia’s Place

We help with the visible components of Ophelia’s Place outreach, like the stunning invitation package for the annual Gems fundraiser. We’ve also guided the group through special issues and helped to garner and leverage media coverage. We sit on the advisory board, and take calls from leadership. Sometimes we feel as if we’re part of the staff, and we like that.

The work shown here represents our latest, for the tenth anniversary of this very special organization. The Verb team developed the 10-year celebration logo and the manifestations of the celebration that you see here. We also built and designed an all-new website (We used Wordpress so staff can maintain it,) and guide the digital outreach efforts.

Each year we attend the Gems event and are reminded why we make this effort. The idea that every girl is at risk is a sad one. (And to be fair, we worry about the boys too.) But knowing that confidence plays a tremendous role in all outcomes – physical, financial and educational – motivates us to make Ophelia’s Place successful.