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We’d be hard pressed to find a more inspiring effort than The Kumari Project. Founded by Eugene’s Arun Storrs, whose buoyancy and intelligence is truly stunning, the Kumari Project is a not-for-profit organization. Arun was born in Kathmandu and adopted by Americans as an infant. Growing up, she would return to her birthplace and to the orphanage from which she was adopted.

There are so many orphans in Nepal that most of them do not find adoptive families, and so they are raised in sparse conditions without adequate health care or access to education. Arun set out to change that scenario, and The Kumari Project was born. We had known Arun as a child, and were happy to jump on board to create a logo and graphic identity that would help establish the tone of joy and professionalism that Arun sought. What she was doing would require the trust and faith of outside donors, and a logo can speak volumes.

The team carefully chose a simple color palette that would be culturally significant in both Nepal and the US, while projecting the energy and warmth the foundation offers. The color red has a very “auspicious” meaning in Nepal, and the marigold tones warm things up and compel the eye. Texture is an important component to the letterhead pieces and helped impart a comfortable feel – appropriate for an organization that is focused on helping children.

Over the years we have helped with branding and marketing strategies and implementations, including the creation of a variety of pieces for the non-profit, including the website, a major fundraising piece and other promotional pieces that support the group’s work. But our efforts pale in contrast to the devotion we have witnessed in Arun and her team. Their work has been fruitful for the children and today The Kumari Project runs a safe house in the hills north of Kathmandu, in the village of Budhanilkantha.

A majority of the children at the Safe House have at least one parent in prison. They can either live in prison with their parent(s) or in an orphanage with substandard care and education, where they are extremely vulnerable to exploitation.

The Kumari Project Safe House not only provides stable housing, but offers forward-thinking care, encompassing an integrated arts education and physical and emotional support services. Girls housed in the Safe House have the opportunity to thrive in a nurturing, affectionate and respectful living environment, cared for by people who are dedicated to their well being and success.

To learn more about The Kumari Project, go to We’re honored to be part of this important work.