Team Verb

A collection of curious, creative and strategic thinkers

Imagine assembling a team of people who bring a combination of creativity, strategic thinking, analytic consideration, and human compassion and intuition to every project. Sounds tricky, right? Still, we’ve achieved this powerful combination. Each member of the Verb team brings professional expertise to the table, and then layers on curiosity, a focus on client service, and a deep appreciation for deadlines and metrics. It’s a group that works hard and stays focused on results. We are unmistakably united by our client’s needs, and confidence in each other.

President & Strategist

Cathy Hamilton

Formally schooled in Journalism and Public Relations, Cathy’s real expertise comes from more than 25 years in the field and a deep grounding in sales and business. Her experience encompasses the private and public sectors.

Before starting Verb in 2003, she worked for a Portland financial publishing company, and then for Eugene Water & Electric Board, where she handled the communications for everything from windpower to telecommunications and conservation.

Cathy supports all Verb clients directly, managing the high-level concepts and strategies and ensuring that all the smaller components of clients’ branding and marketing efforts are implemented wisely and efficiently. She is known for her direct approach and sense of humor.

Over the years, Cathy has contributed time to a number of groups, including The University of Oregon Alumni Association Board of Directors, Oak Hill School Board, Oregon Quarterly Magazine Editorial Board, Mount Pisgah Arboretum Board, Relief Nursery Leadership Board and Wordcrafters. She provides pro bono consulting to a number of non-profit organizations and is on the advisory board for Ophelia’s Place. In 2009, back when she was young, the Register-Guard named her one of the community’s “20 Under 40″ rising stars.

She is an avid reader, writer, paddler, skier and hiker. She runs very slowly. Cathy and her husband have two children.

Creative Director

Doug Ferguson

Doug is the heart and soul of Verb’s creative work. He leads the campaign development for all Verb clients, establishing styles and working in conjunction with the rest of the team to ensure that strategy and creative combine seamlessly. His sharp eye and decades of expertise result in fresh, clean designs that extend across media. Doug’s training in graphic design reaches back to 1990s, where he studied at Lane Community College after a career in culinary arts. Over the years, he has returned to LCC to teach and to advise graphic design students. Doug has been with Verb since 2008, and worked as a contractor before that. Before joining Verb, he worked for another Eugene firm for seven years, and then launched a successful graphic design business.

Doug grew up around the world, including in Africa, before returning to the US to live in Los Angeles, Corvallis and Portland. He and his wife moved to Eugene in 1989. Doug’s children are grown, leaving him lots of time for outdoor pursuits, cooking, gardening, biking and making art.

Account Manager, Marketing Technologist

Katie Parentice

Katie has worked in the marketing field since the 1990s, with the majority of her time spent as a Graphic Designer, specializing in web design and print components. She worked for another Eugene-area firm for a number of years and then established a freelance business which included real-time support for an e-commerce business. She joined Verb in 2014 to support our clients’ design needs and we quickly discovered that she is equally skilled in social media.

Katie braids design, messaging, implementation and the analysis of campaigns into a single, seamless process that is delivering meaningful and measurable results for Verb clients. In 2017, Katie shifted her Verb duties to take advantage of her attention to detail and project management skills; she is now working in an account management role. Katie is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and has lived in Eugene since 1996.

On weekends, you can often find Katie on a trail or in a kayak. She has two daughters and one extremely spoiled dog.

Graphic Designer

Destiny Stringer

There’s something really compelling about people who speak softly and smile often. For one thing, it can take a few exchanges before you realize they’re actually really insanely tough and determined. That’s Destiny. She joined us in early 2018 after earning her GED at 16 and working in retail sales – about the most customer-service oriented sort of job out there. She went on to the graphic design program at Lane Community College, balancing work, school and life.

Destiny has an affection for creative typography and illustration, but she’s a whiz at jumping into projects that require strict adherence to existing brand guidelines and styles.

When she’s not absorbed with work, Destiny tends to her two children, Olive and Winston, who look a lot like pugs to the rest of us. She and her fiancé moved from Redding and are spending their weekends discovering all that Oregon has to offer.

Associate, Research, Events Manager

Michelle Mikkelsen

We pegged Michelle for the Verb team in 2009 when we watched her adeptly organize, calm, manage and inspire a gymnasium full of elementary school kids and families. She can herd cats. She officially joined the team in 2010 and lends 20 years of experience in customer service and apparel marketing.

Michelle plays two roles at Verb: she helps clients with their vertical marketing efforts as they relate to sponsorships and the management of events and trade shows. She also supports us by providing research and analysis for special projects and ongoing client planning and campaign deployment.

She is an active community volunteer and continues to help local schools with events and fundraising.

Research, Special Projects

Scott Kinney

Scott was Verb’s first employee, and continues to work for us in a freelance capacity. He is our Wordpress specialist. He has a heavy background in public opinion research and other primary forms of research, including focus groups, and we aren’t above making demands for his agile mind to analyze data as we build our plans.


Justin White

Justin is a night owl and a compulsive coder. He works nights for us, attacking the requests we’ve left behind and delivering them to us so they’re waiting, shiny and solved, in the morning. His specialties are database-heavy projects and custom and specialty programming. His technology background includes a degree in CIS and he is A+ and Network+ certified as well.

Nearly all of Justin’s 18-year IT career has been spent as a System Analyst focusing on programming, with 15 years in the public or educational sector. He is well versed in a myriad of technologies including Java, Swift, Objective-C, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, PHP, GIS, SQL Server and MySQL. He is just as comfortable creating a website as he is a native windows application or iPhone or Android mobile application. This has proven to be very helpful as clients broaden the scope of their web presence, or request a digital solution that can be addressed via an app.