The gig’s up: people don’t believe you. Don’t take it personally. Or professionally. But do take it seriously. Because everything has changed.

We all know there has been a massive change in how people consume information. It started decades ago, with the arrival of jaw-dropping technology and fresh new media. But it just really took hold: consumers want information and they want it straight. No more telling it slant.

That’s where we come in. We know how to break through and earn attention and trust. Because you can’t just stop marketing, but you need to break the old model. You still need to share your stories and prove your worth. You still need to convince people that your project merits support. But how?

Verb Marketing + PR is a marketing communications firm with the experience it takes to evaluate your marketing needs and develop a rock-solid plan that respects the modern consumer and citizen. In return, you get attention and a chance to tell your story. (Straight up.)

The way we tell your story will be completely new, but we still rely on the tried-and-true components of marketing, including branding, advertising and public relations and outreach. Social media and electronic campaigns are some of our highest performers, but we work in all media, including radio, video, print and hybrid forms. Of course, we do all of this using our core skills of research and analysis; strategic planning; creative concept development; graphic design; copywriting; and website development. The combination we recommend for you depends on your goals, and who needs to know your story if you are going to succeed.

Our direct approach isn’t new, but it’s suddenly even more relevant. We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your needs. But be ready for lots of questions. We’ll challenge assumptions and quite possibly, change how you think about communications firms.