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Gear up. Get outside

First: a confession. Our staff is decidedly outdoorsy. We are avid cyclists, hikers, backpackers, paddlers and skiers. We run, rock climb and camp. We’re also gearheads. So working on the design of a website devoted to outdoor gear and apparel was a dream come true.

That’s not to say it was a snap. Backcountry Gear sells thousands of products ranging from kayaks to carabiners. All of it is drool-worthy, but making it easy to navigate, filter, view in detail and purchase was essential to avoid shopper overload. We designed the site for easy shopping fronted with the inspiration of lifestyle imagery that would compel weekend warriors to wander the site and to buy.

We helped with all aspects of the user interface, working within the constraints of the Magento platform. The programming was completed by a long-time Backcountry Gear contractor, so we worked to provide clear guidance and graphic files to that part of the team.

After the launch, the site was turned over to Backcountry Gear staff. We wanted to make it easy for the team to keep the site fresh, populated with seasonally appropriate imagery and the latest deals, so we assembled a “playbook” that included fonts, color palette, cropping guidelines, filter and photo treatments, a menu of “action flags” and detailed call-outs for implementation. Our goal was to equip the team with everything needed to keep the site in its top “launch day” form.

So go on. We dare you to shop the site and not get pulled in by all the great gear, easy navigation, free shipping, good deals and promises of adventure. We’ll see you out there.