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Concepts made real

The Yogi Tea packaging project is one we completed a number of years ago, but we continue to use it to demonstrate our work because it has been so enduring and because it is a good example of how our attention to detail and knowledge of production processes earn our clients’ trust and save them money.

In this case, Yogi Tea management had hired a very well known packaging company to develop its tea boxes. Yogi had joined the ranks of a long list of national and international brands and the firm did a very good job defining the direction and the elements for the boxes. Drawing on the natural botanicals and some of the shapes and structures (look at the henna accents and ornamental scrolls), the agency established guidelines for the Yogi boxes. From there, Yogi looked locally for a firm that could implement the designs, work with the beautiful product shots taken by another Oregon photographer, and produce the boxes with attention to ingredients, labeling compliance and more. They provided pages of ingredients and high-level taste descriptions and Verb took the job from there. Our copywriter extended the ingredients lists and drank lots of tea in order to write evocative descriptions that made mouths water. At the same time, Verb’s designer carefully layered the photos into visual bouquets that invited the shopper to linger and ultimately to choose Yogi Tea over the many competitors.

But that’s not all. There were dozens of recipes and boxes, plus a set for the US and a set for Canada. All the files needed to be provided in perfect form to the boxmaker. And that’s where we saved the client tens of thousands of dollars: the template provided by the original agency and the template provided by the boxmaker didn’t match up. No one had caught this detail until the templates arrived at Verb and our eagle-eyed designer caught it. It was a small but potentially ruining variance. The result of the catch, after the repair was made? A full line of sip-inspiring, shelf stand-outs that have endured nearly a decade with timeless good looks that are still right in line with the Yogi brand.